Telling Fibs about Saving Lives

The Lutheran Satire pastor, Hans Fiene, is the latest to defend David Daleiden’s deceit. Thankfully, he does not mention journalism. Unthankfully, he does mention fascist Germans:

The lie of the CMP is, therefore, the obliging lie — seeking to protect the lives of our littlest neighbors. It’s the same lie told by people who say to a frothing-at-the-mouth husband, “sorry, I haven’t seen her,” when his battered wife is safely asleep in their guest bedroom. It’s the same lie told by law enforcement officers who do undercover work to protect children at risk of sexual abuse or citizens at risk of gang-related violence. And if Tollefsen wants to compare the actions of the CMP with a figure from World War II, Truman and his decision to let thousands upon thousands of women and children die to end the war is far from an appropriate candidate. Rather, he’d find a much better fit in someone like Irena Sendler, the Polish nurse who deceived the German government by producing fake IDs for Jewish children in order to save them from the Holocaust.

Actually, not. PP officials were not asking Daleiden where the pregnant women were so they could abort and sell the parts. He was there not about the taking of life but the sale of abortions’ remains. If government agencies defund Planned Parenthood, the lives of unborn babies will still be taken by those providing abortions. Maybe PP’s rates will go up. Maybe they’ll take a hit in public relations. But abortion remains legal and these videos or the lies Daleiden told do nothing to change that.

So I’d like the analogies to be accurate. This is like Daleiden posing as a lampshade maker to meet with Nazi officials about the effects of those slaughtered in the concentration camps. His lies are all after the fact.

Meanwhile, Fiens identifies the basis for the resonance these videos have had:

We in the pro-life community don’t get many stirring victories. Granted, we see a reason to celebrate in the face of every woman who changes her mind and walks out of an abortion clinic with her child still safely in her womb. And we take comfort in the gradually declining abortion rate in America. But Roe v. Wade still stands, the most aggressively pro-abortion president in U.S. history still sleeps in the White House, and the Supreme Court still blocks implementation of state restrictions on abortions.

So when the Center for Medical Progress started releasing its string of undercover videos, most of the pro-life community felt a kind of joy we hadn’t felt in ages. Not joy over what Planned Parenthood was doing, of course, nor was it the kind of joy that wants to shout “busted!” in the face of the bamboozled enemy. Rather, the joy pro-lifers felt at the release of these videos came from the belief that maybe, just maybe, unveiling these particular horrors of the abortion industry would be enough to wake up previously indifferent Americans and start moving the wheels of justice for the unborn. Buried in the sewers of those nausea-inducing undercover videos, pro-lifers found a nugget of hope that lets us believe that a stirring victory for our cause is finally on the horizon.

That confirms my sense that these videos are pay back in the culture wars for same-sex marriage. I’m not saying such a desire for retribution is without basis (though I’m not sure it goes with turning the other cheek). But again, it would be helpful to be honest when defending dishonesty. (Is that a Christian haiku? Nah. Wrong w-w.)


4 thoughts on “Telling Fibs about Saving Lives

  1. But abortion remains legal and these videos or the lies Daleiden told do nothing to change that.

    Faulty conclusion. The videos will result in Planned Parenthood gov’t funding cuts, which will result in fewer abortions.

    Further, the horror of these fully-formed babies being carved up for spare parts will like result in the success of more legislation pushing the allowable limit for abortion back toward 20 weeks.

    You’re going to have to do better than argue this “sting operation” accomplished no good. It already has.


  2. A few thoughts which are purely derived from anecdotal evidence:
    *I’m not so sure these videos are payback in the culture war against SSM. As I understand it, Daleiden started this project long before SCOTUS saw fit to review the issue. Further, in my social media sphere, there’s a lot of pro-SSM folks who are positively outraged at Planned Parenthood. No, I see the fervor more as a citizen’s revolt against a government incapacitated by the loss of founding principles. The anger when the Republicans botched the recent late-term abortion bill was palpable. Daleiden, is being lionized because he did something (right or wrong) while those we elect to do something do nothing on an issue which is, literally, life and death.
    *Also, Ryan Anderson, one of the figureheads of the antiSSM movement, and a Roman Catholic, was also pretty peeved by Fiene’s article. I just don’t see a correlation there.
    *I also wasn’t comfortable with Fiene’s article because it seemed to justify falsehood–if the moment is right. That seems like dangerous waters to me. I don’t think we should ever sacrifice someone’s life at the altar of our personal piety, but at the same time I don’t see how it is proper to say falsehood is okay. It’s a head scratcher to me.
    *Was it wrong for John Lewis to go into a whites only area? Maybe that is a better analogy.
    *And to TVD’s point, I don’t know what good these videos have done. If one trusts YouGov, the videos have had little to no implact (to be fair, this is an Aug 5 story). If public opinion ain’t movin’, the government ain’t moving either.
    *I’m following this closely because our country’s abortion policy is an incredibly important to me. But I’m also kind of holding my powder on whether or not this is a good thing until all the videos are out.


  3. The right analogy is to someone posing as a lampshade dealer and talking to concentration camps so he could prove to the rest of the world what the Nazis were doing secretly. I don’t see how you can object to that.


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