Among the Reasons Not to Go to Together for the Gospel

These stand out:

Don’t lollygag when it’s time to eat. 8,000 people are all trying to eat at the same time. Be decisive. Pick a place and go. You snooze, you lose. May his grace be with you.

Herds to eat.

Don’t go to the bathroom at the Yum Center. You are going to want to go in your hotel or restaurant. Again, 8,000 people in one building. May his grace be with you.

Herds to pee.

Don’t skip the singing. Don’t be that guy. If you are prone to skipping the singing for the sermons, reconfigure your theology of worship and preaching.

Herd piety.

The Lord’s Day is a wonderful practice.

17 thoughts on “Among the Reasons Not to Go to Together for the Gospel

  1. Maybe all the continuationists T4GCRef21Fire!2016 will pray down a miraculous feeding of the 8000. But that only exacerbates the Parachurch Potty Problem though, doesn’t it?

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  2. Never been a fan of TG4G, but I feel for these young people getting caught up in it all……


  3. yeah, speaking of feelings, can’t you just sense the Lord’s frowning and displeasure seeing all the believers desiring to assemble together to worship and talk about HIM and take that zeal and encouragement back to their flocks. I mean , sheesh, they could be getting together for other more productive things (maybe a sport game, business convention, etc)…. and sheesh squared, it’s not even Sunday! WHAT are they thinking!


  4. Someone should do a Jane Goodall type analysis of the Gospel Industrial Complex and report back the findings to ordinary Christians (not “Jesus Followers,” “Followers of Christ,” “Christ Followers,” etc.) who just don’t time to live 24/7 in The Gospel Coalition bubble. Please give me back my Ol’ Time Religion. Please!


  5. Andrew Alladin says: report back the findings to ordinary Christians (not “Jesus Followers,” “Followers of Christ,” “Christ Followers,” etc.)

    ‘ordinary Christians’ aren’t Jesus followers, but are something else? What? non-followers, partial followers, followers when there is time, followers-in-appearance-only?

    Andrew Alladin says :Please give me back my Ol’ Time Religion. Please!

    Oookkk, careful what you ask for Jesus: “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.

    meaning to say – there might be things to say here, and appreciate some of them already, but this complaint that one ought not exhort to Christ following is not a legit one

    chortlesweakly – it ought be every believer’s pray that more and more deeds be exposed to the light now to be dealt with, for we can be assured that there is no hidden hidden thing that will not be revealed – the sooner the better – a great mercy


  6. This sounds similar to Benny Hinn shouting, “Touch not God’s anointed…”

    Don’t be critical and complain about a speaker. It’s not of the Spirit. And no, that’s not discernment. I’ve never had a better time or helped others have a better time by complaining.

    Wait, isn’t CJ Mahaney going to be there and his friends that have continued to look the other way?  No discipline, no discernment, no church.  Yippee.


  7. Why is there a persistent effort here to treat TGC as something foreign. First, a fair number of its Council members are from the PCA, and many of them pastor churches that are far from being mega-churches. It strikes me that this is more of an issue of “complementarian” theology than anything else. It’s difficult to imagine these scandals happening at churches where women have significant leadership positions.

    Besides, the picture of the treatment of women in the OPC isn’t very flattering.


  8. chortlesfweakly says:Ali, bad ecclesiology — a great curse.

    of what ‘bad ecclesiology’ are you speaking


  9. So, what happens to these coalitions when you remove the profit motive? Are they still ‘together’ for the gospel?


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