Why the Olympics are Un-American

The Silver Medalists for 2015:

Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Cavaliers
Tampa Bay Lightning
New York Mets

Yes, those are all the teams that made it to the championships last year and lost. Did the players on those teams receive a consolation prize? So why the big deal with silver medals? And who even thinks coming in third is noteworthy? Does anyone remember Dortmund?

Chalk some of this up to old age. I used to be glued to the television during the 1960s broadcasts of the Olympics. (But remember, back then sports on television were rare. To see Lew Alcindor play Elvin Hays in the college basketball game of the century you needed to travel to Houston.) Then it dawned on me, thanks to Wide World of Sports, that every year some international competition in track, swimming, or skiing was happening, and that the record-winning times had as much significance as performances in the Olympics. The Olympics were no longer special, and they had yet to be hyped the networks or doped by the pharmacists (at least in the free world).

Add to that the admission of professional athletes to what used to be a competition for amateurs, though of course Harold Abrahams superiors at Caius College had other thoughts about gentlemen athletes, and I figured I’d just as soon watch national sports as opposed to those competitions promoted by liberals who pined for one-world-government.

4 thoughts on “Why the Olympics are Un-American

  1. Amen. Watching these guys get jazzed about the Bronze is so lame. Who cares about the overall tally, show me the gold. Like I’m supposed to care that we’ve racked up thirty bronzes to China’s doped twenty-six.


  2. You like that conquering things. As for liberals and a one world government, if there is such a government, I wouldn’t want liberals in charge. But without some type over overall government, where would each state in our union be? Isn’t that the same question we should ask about the nations of the world if there isn’t one overall standard by which all nations are held accountable to? The answer to that question is simple: you have the rule of force. And in an age where the proliferation of WMDs is inevitable, such spells certain doom for our world. And what we have to ask is whether the second coming will come after that.


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