That’ll Work

How to have a happy marriage:

First, divide all the work of running your family – from job to shopping to doing the dishes to feeding the dog — into three categories: Paycheck Work; House Work; and Childrearing Work. With scrupulous honesty (men, this means you!), calculate how many hours per week each of you spends doing these things; then add the two totals together. For instance, if Husband’s numbers are 45 hrs + 5 hrs + 10 hrs = 60 hrs total, and Wife’s are 40 + 21 + 21 = 82, then the combined total family work hours = 142. Now divide your individual numbers by the total to get the percentage of total work that each of you does: in this case, 60/142 = 42% (He), and 82/142 = 58% (She). Finally, multiply your respective percentages by two. The resulting final percentage compares you with the theoretical full contributor. Think of it as the percentage person your family setup is requiring you to be — or allowing you to be. In my hypothetical case, for instance, the husband is 84% of a fully contributing person, while his wife is 116%.

Is this part of Roman Catholic social teaching?

16 thoughts on “That’ll Work

  1. It’s payback for causing catholic schoolboys to be ‘harried’ and made to feel inadequate by Sister Finkbinder. The drill was you get verbal quick and learn to never relinquish the moral high ground(her favorite sniping position). Then when her resentment set in, you doubled down. You can’t ever let Sister get her footing again.


  2. Also, now that we know that they’re chronically sleep-deprived, we should be able to invalidate their vote. Unless they pass our litmus test, “did you vote for my candidate, honey”.


  3. How to have a happy marriage

    Agree the formula should be adjusted to for an efficiency/multitask factor for women, right?
    Link: In my hypothetical case, for instance, the husband is 84% of a fully contributing person, while his wife is 116%.
    or in other words – 116% *1.5 = 174% equivalent


  4. The numbers are meaningless. Wife: tomatoes, greens, celery, cucumbers, melons, culinary pumpkins, home school teacher, fuzzy fundamentalist, Chicken and eggs, C.S Lewis, Laundry, the inklings, Christian pop, keeps the calendar and does the correspondence, Peppers, flowers, dying herbs, culinary herbs, routine house work, spinner of yarn, weaver, knitter, Beans, Dryer of herbs and vegetables, shows generosity kindness to all all the time. Husband. picky, irritable, Potatoes, former Hindu turned Calvinist, Wheat, oats. hops, Malter, Barley, garlic, onions, apples, Blackberries and Raspberry, Mustard, grower and seed saver or Cabbage, maker of sauerkraut and hot sauce, brewer of beer, making wine and cider, windows, wash and wax cars, cats, cigars, theological and historical books. Wendel Berry, Duke Ellington, supervise, Talking heads, PIL, Tom Waits, calendar, pay bills, earn the cash, home school principle. Cook. mow the lawn, detailed cleaner, Teach the WSC and make children read the Bible daily. take out the trash.


  5. Jeff – your mention of Waits in that diatribe reminds me of one of my favorites (of his), “Step Right Up.” Clear and to the point beat poetry set to song.


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