Bean Counter, Feed My Sheep

Or should it be, sheep feeder, count our beans?

Dr. Timothy Keller, Chairman of the Board at Redeemer City to City, is pleased to announce the selection of Steve Shackelford as the new CEO of Redeemer City to City (CTC).

Shackelford currently serves as President and CFO with Corporate Capital Trust, a business development company that is co-advised by CNL and KKR. The company currently has assets of approximately $4.3 billion and is one of the largest business development companies in the United States. Shackelford earned his undergraduate degree in accounting and MBA degree at Florida State University and spent ten years at the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Orlando, Paris and New York prior to joining CNL in 1996. The Board’s selection comes after an extensive five-month search conducted by executive search firm CarterBaldwin.

Dr. Keller said, “The goal of CTC is to build gospel movements in global cities. The population in cities is growing at a tremendous rate, and there has never been a greater need for churches to serve the diverse needs of cities. Developing leaders for urban ministry is at the core of our mission at CTC. As we grow in global scope, CTC needs an executive leader to navigate the increasing complexity of this movement around the world. I truly look forward to working with Steve to lead this ministry together.”

Imagine if churches ran themselves this way. Isn’t part of urban life worrying about optics?

10 thoughts on “Bean Counter, Feed My Sheep

  1. Wait till they start making their real estate investments and lining up poor saps to do their infill developments. But gospel movements sounds so much more sanctified and 501C3 qualified than real estate developer. I need 40 million to bring credibility to my gospel centered Manhattan Real Estate play. Actually 400 million would be better. Pray about how much God is calling you to give.


  2. Sean, are you implying that Redeemer, Inc’s lease agreements will be just as draconian and tilted in favor of the property owner as any others? Don’t you think they’ll use gospel-shaped agreements that have provisions to account for tenant brokenness and messiness?


  3. CW, when they send out the pass-thru’s every year with a copy of the triple net provision the lessee signed, I’m sure they’ll include the sentiment, “we’re trusting the lord has prospered and made you to flourish this year.”


  4. Maybe Redeemer Inc. will have a jubilee year provision. And might they prefer diversity tenants — say, a halal bakery to an army surplus store? Hemp tote bags to rods, reels, and hunting supplies?


  5. Knowing Steve since he was little boy and a young man I am thankful to see his talents as a Christian being used for God’s glory.
    May God bless you and your family more and more.
    So pleased and thankful,
    Tom and Pam Green


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