From Duck Dynasty to Kim Davis to Fixer Upper

Matt Walsh does his impersonation of Perpetua:

Chip and Joanna Gaines became a target because they are, by all accounts, devout Christians. That’s the only reason. If they were not Christian, or if they had a reputation for being the unserious, heretical, “progressive” sort of Christians, they wouldn’t be under fire. That’s why, as many people have already observed, Muslims and members of other faiths that also reject gay marriage don’t receive the same scrutiny. Progressives don’t hate Muslims. They hate Christians. They hate Christians for being Christian, and for no other reason.

It’s not just about gay marriage or abortion or any other specific issue. They hate Christianity because it is Christianity. They hate it simply for being true, just as Christ was crucified simply for being God. Those who hate truth and hate God will lash out at the closest things to Him. When they had the chance to get their hands on Him in the flesh, they beat Him, whipped Him, and nailed Him to a cross. But now that they are deprived of the opportunity to crucify Christ directly, they must settle for the second best target: you. This is the price that Truth must pay when it enters into a fallen world. And those of us who profess and believe the Truth will pay our own price, even if it is not nearly so brutal.

We should only be worried if we aren’t being made to pay the price. If we get along just fine every day, at our jobs, with our friends, out in the world, and nobody ever insults us, or tries to hurt us, or plots to undermine us and destroy our reputations, then we ought to take that as a hint that we aren’t living our faith openly enough.

So whenever I upset my wife it’s because I’ve achieved holiocity? What a great excuse. And martyrdom sure trumps victimhood.

31 thoughts on “From Duck Dynasty to Kim Davis to Fixer Upper

  1. Darryl,

    Isn’t Walsh right about what the media/cultural elites will do to people like the Gaines vs. what they will do/say about Muslims?

    What have the Gaines’ done to anyone? Did they speak out? Did they discriminate? They attend a conservative evangelical church of some kind that agrees with the position that President Obama articulated to Rick Warren in 2008, and for that they are publicly pilloried? It may be right to fear the Mrs (I couldn’t say—she has only been nice to me) but it’s not quite the same as becoming the focus of a media storm simply for attending an evangelical congregation, is it?

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  2. “We should only be worried if we aren’t being made to pay the price. If we get along just fine every day, at our jobs, with our friends, out in the world, and nobody ever insults us, or tries to hurt us, or plots to undermine us and destroy our reputations, then we ought to take that as a hint that we aren’t living our faith openly enough.”
    ***Next time I see you, Darryl, I’m just going to kick the living hell out of you. You can thank me later.

    With love,


  3. Zrim,

    The Mrs watches these things, not I.

    Did the Gaines do something to bring this upon themselves?


  4. Scott, maybe it’s simply the cost of celebrity. Plenty of celebrities get the curious parts of their personal lives scrutinized for better or worse, but to read persecution into it the way Walsh does is awkward (to say the least). Isn’t that what wackier fans of celebrities do when their idols are criticized? Maybe instead of feeding the mass complex a shrug would suffice?


  5. Scott, what if elites treat the Gaines the way they do because Christians put the Gaines on a pedestal? If a Muslim couple did a food show and it turned out their Imam said something anti-liberal, I can imagine the left getting worked up — except that Muslims have fewer votes than the Religious Right. But if Muslim-Americans became part of the GOP’s base and then they had a couple with a successful show, I think the dynamics would be similar.


  6. More Manicheanism:

    The storm that is coming, indeed is already here, is the phenomenon of this anti-Catholic prejudice flowing through society, the media, and now into government. As the government is infiltrated by officers who subscribe to this anti-Catholic prejudice, the storm intensifies. What we got under President Barack Obama was just the first breeze of the storm, combined with a little spritz of drizzle. It was the front of the storm, but that is now passing. This was manifested in Obama’s HHS Mandate, which requires all providers of medical insurance, including religious providers, to cover the cost of abortion and artificial contraception. While this battle has been playing out in the courts, small Christian businesses have been destroyed by other lawsuits, alleging “discrimination” for failing to provide non-essential services to same-sex “weddings.” As horrible as a violation of religious freedom this was, it is but the tip of what is to come. These are just the outer edges of the storm. Now that is coming to an end, and the only question that remains is, shall there be a temporary lull before the main storm hits? This will likely happen if Trump is elected. Or will the edge of the storm immediately be followed by a gradual increase into the full tempest, without an interlude to prepare? This will likely happen if Hillary is elected.

    What can we expect when the storm reaches its height? We can expect an all out assault on religious liberty. On a social level, this will include a general social prejudice toward good Catholics who adhere to the Church’s moral teachings. Bad Catholics, or Fake Catholics, who ignore the Church’s moral teachings will be lauded and praised for their “bravery.” (You’ll notice that Obama and Hillary always surround themselves with these types, because they shield them from the charge of anti-Catholicism.) This social prejudice will get worse. It may start to manifest in the workplace, as subtly as co-workers looking down upon us, or as overtly as our employers asking us to sign statements supporting same-sex “marriage” as a condition of employment. This media prejudice will get worse too, as television shows are filled with Catholics who don’t practice their faith, and/or the moral teachings of the Church are directly assaulted in entertainment. This will be accompanied by media news reporting wherein the Catholic Church (and Catholic leaders) can do no right, unless the faith is denied and liberal morality is embraced. This, of course, will be linked to a steady reminder of clerical sex-abuse, wherein less than 5% of Catholic clergy (many of whom were defrocked decades ago), will be portrayed as representing “most” or “nearly all” of the clergy. That will only contribute to the social prejudice of course, making it easier for our employers and co-workers to view us as “intolerant” or “backward” people.


  7. So whenever I upset my wife it’s because I’ve achieved holiocity?

    Jesus:it is better, if God should will it so, that you suffer for doing what is right rather than for doing what is wrong. 1 Pet 3:17 🙂

    11 For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another; 12 not as Cain, who was of the evil one and slew his brother. And for what reason did he slay him? Because his deeds were evil, and his brother’s were righteous.13 Do not be surprised, brethren, if the world hates you. I John 3

    17 you will be hated by all because of My name. Luke 21

    John 3. 19 This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.” John 3


  8. Everyone who works on a fixer-upper show is worthy of scorn, but not because of politics/religion/lifestyle/opinions on The Wire.

    Simply because they are on a fixer upper show, the Caillou for adults.

    Gaines was framed, yo.


  9. Every time I watch those shows I think, what a bunch of thieves. Never ever do you tell a GC how much you have to spend. “If you buy this house for 50K that leaves you with 110K of your ‘all-in’ budget and we will pocket every last red ce…..errr….we’ll hire illegals and get it do……errrr…we can really give you a nice reno but we’re taking back the staging…..errrr……I know I told you it was 110k but we found a termite mound 36ft off your property line, that’s not gonna be cheap to fix.”


  10. Chip and Joanna need to be admonished by their pastor for ripping off these Baylor trust fund babies. Of course, I’m not sure that’s even sin. And then what’s the pastor gonna do for his salary and Xmas ‘gift’? The safer bet is to focus on the scourge of homosexuality. I’m sure there’s a huge pop. in Waco. Definitely a closeted community.


  11. So, you’re a pastor in Waco and your line in the sand and ‘meddling’ is going to be homosexuality? Really? Talk about taking the easy way out. How about your cultural christianity isn’t going to save you. See who’s still left after that sermon series.

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  12. Z, let’s just say you take the GC’s ‘price’ and the first thing you do is cut it in half. When he asks for half the money up front, laugh at him and tell him to go fish but you might consider giving him five percent up front, maybe. Then you draft the contract and you delete the change order clause, cuz if he’s so ‘good’ at what he does, what the frick do you need a change order clause fur(I thought you said you’ve done this before). Then make him provide the Workers Comp Ins and be bonded. Then when he tells you his subs upped the price on him, tell him, ‘you’re the GC, you said you were good at this and I have a contract’ then when he quits on you, you sue him for your five percent and damages and hire ‘his’ subs at a third of what he claimed they wanted to charge him and you pay them in cash every friday just for what you deem they were worth and what they’ve gotten finished. It’s not like they’re legals. Done and done. Magnolia Farms! Yea, I want a Magnolia Farms, too.


  13. Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but isn’t Antioch Community Church nothing more than Bapticostal organization? As I recall, they’ve had some, shall we say, less than heterodox speakers at their gatherings.

    I just find it interesting that so many evangelicals will latch on to this and say they are sound and we need to support them based simply on this one aspect of their doctrine. It’s as if traditional marriage is the only doctrine that matters. Sure, they believe in ongoing prophecy, sure they speak gibberi– I mean in tongues, sure they hold hands with heretics, but that’s ok, they support traditional marriage.

    Reminds me of the SBC holding hands with the Roman Catholic Church (and Muslims, and Hindus) to support traditional marriage.


  14. Sean, sounds like they may have done some work for you, or they worked you over….lots of hostility towards the Gaines. Here, I thought it was just a TV show. Again, my wife watches it too. I don’t like it because it fills her mind with all of these costly ideas. Funny, I think one of there subs sings with a Village People tribute band. That has to count for something, no?


  15. >>>>If a Muslim couple did a food show and it turned out their Imam said something anti-liberal, I can imagine the left getting worked up — except that Muslims have fewer votes than the Religious Right<<<<

    You mean like when Muslim bakers refused to bake cakes for gay weddings and the media got all worked up? Uh . . . the media didn't say boo. It probably had more to do with the descendent of Vincent Van Gogh and Charlie Hebdo than their lack of numbers among the Republican Party.


  16. No, I meant when the media didn’t say anything about the Muslims who refused to bake cakes for gay weddings because they saw what happened to those who are critical of the Islamic Faith. I suppose if the Muslims who murdered scores of French journalists had been put on pedestals and were Republicans they would have really gotten it good though, right?


  17. Jihadist Republicans? Is this planet earth you’re talking about?

    But the media also didn’t report on the Protestant baker who refused to bake a First Communion cake. Oh wait, there wasn’t any such baker because the same bakers who draw the line at gay cakes are usually the same ones willing to fudge theologically–no accounting for consistency.


  18. Zrim,

    What’s wrong with baking a First Communion cake considering that plenty of Protestants celebrate the practice of a First Communion?

    No doubt there’s likely theological inconsistency on the part of a lot of these bakers, but there’s not really a prima facie reason to object if someone comes into a bakery and asks for such a cake, unless of course they are told it’s for Mary Margaret’s communion at the First Church of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. I suspect, however, the orders are just “Happy First Communion Mary.”


  19. I don’t know any politically or sexually discriminatory bakers. But this may be about all that foodie B.S. and chefs as artists and food as the most political and cultural expression that exists. At least that’s what Bourdain says. Probably why ninety something percent of all food establishments fail, too much politics and artistic expression/motivation. “Mom, it’s not even noon yet”!


  20. Robert, that’s what I had in mind, a cake celebrating (what Prots confess is) idolatry. Where are the religious consciences all of a sudden? Hard to believe there aren’t any Prot bakers getting RC customers out there.


  21. Dr. Clark:

    You asked >>>>Isn’t Walsh right about what the media/cultural elites will do to people like the Gaines vs. what they will do/say about Muslims?<<<<

    Several answers were offered:

    1. Doesn't matter if Walsh is right. Gaines' deserve what they get because they are celebrities.

    2. Doesn't matter if Walsh is right (he's not — he's not one of us). The Gaines' deserve what they get because someone put them on a pedestal.

    3. Doesn't matter if Walsh is right. The Gaines attend a weird church.

    4. Walsh is right (me). Reason media lays off the the Muslim faith and all things Muhammed is because they don't want to die.

    But the best response/inference goes like this: The Gaines' undoubtedly have an inconsistent theology. They deserve whatever Hell the militant left can dish out, up to and including the destruction of their show on HGTV.

    One thing Walsh may have left out — the Gaines are capitalists. So many businesses have been destroyed over the
    last 8 years that many people who have never met a payroll don't seem to notice or care. What does it matter? Capitalists are all crooks anyway.

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  22. Zrim,

    Probably, but unless the customer reveals they are RC, why would the baker ask?

    When Steve comes in wanting a wedding cake for him and Brian, it’s pretty clear what’s going on. So it’s very easy to see why a baker might turn them down and not ask about a First Communion Cake. It’s also easy to see why the baker would not ask if Thrice married Joe comes in and asks for a wedding cake for him and Sally. If all you do is say, I need a cake for my wedding to Sally and you are Joe, what reason is there for the baker to care or pry. Less known the better. The point is that the cake for two guys is in your face revelation of what’s going on.

    Now whether or not the baker is actually endorsing the gay marriage by baking the cake is a question that can be debated. But it’s irrelevant at the end of the day. If the baker thinks he is endorsing it, then it’s a sin for him to bake the cake. The issue is that gay marriage creates situations that would otherwise be unavoidable, where the baker can’t claim ignorance of the situation because he would have no reason to ask.

    There’s no reason to expect bakers to ask anything about the customer besides what do you want on the cake. Two guys buying a cake for their wedding creates a new situation where the baker may still not be asking any more personal details than he would any other couple but where the baker all of a sudden knows a sinful union is about to take place. The whole gay marriage thing hasn’t suddenly made bakers more scrupulous or anything of that nature.


  23. Robert, sure but here’s the thing. Some bakers seem to want everyone else cognizant of their consciences, but isn’t it fair to wonder why those so worried about it don’t ask more questions of those who would possibly cause them to sin? Otherwise, it sure looks like selective consciousness.


  24. Support from conservative RC’s? Love the gay “community” or else:

    The apparent assumption of this article is that we should be shocked if we were to learn that people are exercising their constitutional right to live out their faith. Intentionally or not—I will not assume one way or the other—the author of this piece, Kate Aurthur, may be contributing to the normalization of popular shock at people for being nothing other than Christian. And her prejudice was echoed by other media outlets.

    The question Aurthur ought to be asking is not whether Chip and Joanna agree with their pastor but whether they have ever physically or verbally expressed hatred towards the gay community. If so, then I will happily support any effort to pressure HGTV into pulling the plug on their show. Otherwise, why not leave these people alone?


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