Angelo Cataldi Should Have Done More

It took almost three hours this morning for Angelo to bring up Penn State. That is how bad the Eagles were yesterday, though sabbatarian that I am I did not see the poor performance — look at how pious I am (all about me)!! That left Angelo to pile on another football coach — Andy Reid — and to call for yet another firing. Even so, ccording to Cataldi and most of the other radio-talk show hosts, sitting high atop their soapboxes, the real story in Happy Valley was the victims of child molestation. That’s odd. So if Cataldi gave up talking about sexual molestation for the sake of the National Football League, should he be fired because sure he could have done more than one week of rants about Penn State?

All I kept hearing about last week was how Joe Paterno had to go, how he should have done more, how he admitted he should have done more, how the situation at Penn State had become (though no one coined the phrase) Penn State Gate. (I guess “gate” is reserved for misconduct in the nation’s capital, though you have to like the rhyme.) How exactly Joe Pa losing his job would help the victims was never clear. Nor did anyone do the justice calculation to conjure how Sandusky’s conviction would help the victims. In which case, invoking the victims and sympathizing with their plight may have been simply another way to get a taller soapbox.

So if the concern is really for the victims of sexual molestation, here is one resource on-line that may be useful for those who suffer or those who counsel those who suffer. One thing you learn from doing a search on-line is that the organizations and Internet resources do not appear to match the level of indignation that crescendoed last week. Even so, the Wounded Healer Journal appears to provide a number of useful phone numbers along with advice for both an immediate response to a specific instance or the long-term consequences of abuse.