5 thoughts on “A Bible Sampler

  1. It was really helpful for me when I started incorporated daily bible reading into my routine, so I appreciate the tack you are taking with Patheos.

    Making prayer a part of that daily reading was important too, sort of like I had God’s Word to me for the day, and I responded to his Word with the daily prayers I offer up to him. Sort of reminds me of how my current pastor is stressing the diaological in our worship services.

    Anyway, I’m sure Bishop Keller would be proud of me talking up Prayer, and I haven’t even read his book…

    Point is, though, good stuff talking up daily devotions. Thanks for doing that.


  2. Platitude alert – Darryl’s been reading his Bible, and other books, it would seem..

    Ready for the Rapture
    When Jerry Falwell concluded that 9/11 was God’s punishment for America’s immorality, he was keeping up a long evangelical tradition.
    By D.G. HART
    Jan. 20, 2015 6:54 p.m. ET
    If answers to pollsters are to be believed, Americans inhabit a world that should keep us all up at night. Two years ago, a survey sponsored by the National Geographic Channel found that 80 million Americans believe in UFOs and that as much as 77% of the population thinks that aliens have visited the planet. A Gallup poll from 2005 indicated that over 20% of Americans believe in witches and approximately 25% agree with the statement that the position of stars and planets influences our lives. The Pew Research Center rounded out the picture in 2009, finding that close to 30% of Americans claim to have had contact with the dead.
    <a href=" click to read more


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