The World Just Got Bigger by A Third

Historians generally like the adage that the world is divided in two, between splitters and lumpers. The reason is that historians generally either stress continuity (lump) or discontinuity (split). Now comes a third category, a person who splits in order to lump:

In contrast to Trump’s strong law-and-order message, Hillary sought to split the difference between cops and Black Lives Matter. Blacks and Latinos are the victims of “systemic racism.” In a country where affirmative action, or in Nathan Glazer’s acute phrase “affirmative discrimination,” often governs hiring and college admissions, this is one of the more bizarre leftist codewords to adopt. But Hillary is now on record as believing in it. Yet she also spoke words of compassion to the cop who fears for his life, doing his “dangerous and necessary” job. The now widely pervasive anti-cop rhetoric and respect for police officers are fundamentally unreconcilable; Hillary’s acknowledgement of the fears of a cop saying goodbye to his wife and kids before going to work was an attempt to reconcile it, and a political necessity. She must hope dearly that the Black Lives Matter part of the Democratic coalition is not perceived as contributing to more urban violence in the weeks before November.

Ideas with stomachs have consequences. Get to the grocery store soon. Bread and milk may be gone.

2 thoughts on “The World Just Got Bigger by A Third

  1. Darryl,

    This AC analysis is pretty myopic. One ought to be able to hold two opposing thoughts simultaneously. I’ll let Boogie speak for me (Old Life needs more NBA):

    So black dude who has guns pulled on him can still hold two thoughts. American Conservative writer can’t? Odd that.

    I’m assuming your end-of-days rhetoric at then end is rhetorical.

    I hope all is well.



  2. Justin, I was mainly interested in adding a third group of people to the race.

    I agree that it’s possible to hold two thoughts that appear to be at odds. I’m not sure that it’s possible to please BLM and police unions. But the Clinton’s triangulate — what they do.


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