How the World Might Have Changed if the Apostles Had Religious Liberty

I don’t want to deny that it’s a tough world out there for believers. Have to worry about the flesh, the devil, and the world. So having also to keep an eye on California state legislators can make Christian piety a real challenge.

Still, the U.S. Christian tendency to play the persecution card doesn’t make sense of the greatness of American society (no need for Trump). In case Old Life readers did not know, the California legislature was proposing to expand the rights of LBGT students in ways that would have compromised restrictions that Christian institutions placed on their students, faculty, and staff.

And now the good great news. Enough people in California and elsewhere lobbied the California legislature to remove the controversial provisions of the bill:

Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) is removing a provision of his bill that sought to take away the exemption of religious schools to anti-discrimination laws. Instead, he will press forward with the amended bill that would still require such schools to disclose if they have an exemption and report to the state when students are expelled for violating morality codes.

“The goal for me has always been to shed the light on the appalling and unacceptable discrimination against LGBT students at these private religious institutions throughout California,” Lara said.

“I don’t want to just rush a bill that’s going to have unintended consequences so I want to take a break to really study this issue further,” the senator said. He said the requirement for schools to report expulsions based on morality codes to the state Commission on Student Aid will give him information on how common such cases are.

The senator said he will pursue other legislation next year, possibly including the provision dropped Wednesday.

Lara’s decision came after a half-dozen universities formed a new committee called the Assn. of Faith Based Institutions and contributed $350,000.

The group has flooded the districts of members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, including Chairwoman Lorena S. Gonzalez (D-San Diego), with mailers saying the bill violates religious freedoms and urging voters to contact their Assembly person.

“Stop state control of private education,” says one mailer to Gonzalez’s constituents. Her committee is scheduled to vote on the bill Thursday.

The institutions include Azusa Pacific University, Point Loma Nazarene University and William Jessup University.

After Lara’s announcement, the universities released a letter to the Senator that said “Pending review of this new language, we are pleased to change our position on this legislation from “oppose unless amended” to `support.’ “

What makes democracy great is that it can reverse falling sky.

4 thoughts on “How the World Might Have Changed if the Apostles Had Religious Liberty

  1. “What makes democracy great is that it can reverse falling sky.”

    Don’t open Ye Old Wine Bottle yet. The sky may still fall. Perhaps the senator overplayed his hand and jumped the gun. The farthest points of the slippery slope has yet to be lubricated – the celebrations for Gay Marriage had barely begun when Transgenderism became the next big thing. Too swift a revolutionary move will rouse the sleeping dog to bite the hand that is reaching to suffocate Christian liberty. Remember: Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey

    Give it time, Darryl. A few more elections in their favor, a few more SC justices, a few more sob stories and The American People (USA! USA! USA!) will be ready for the senator’s bill.

    Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey.

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  2. Andrew A, maybe, but maybe not. My own sense is that we have seen peak identity politics. Not saying everything will be all hunky dory, but SJW ism is a luxury good. I am neither an economic determinist nor a perma-bear, but present economic and demographic trends have convinced me that the West doesn’t have much time remaining to enjoy luxuries. Not saying that would be a good thing.


  3. None of us knows what will hapen. God is in charge. However, it’s going a little too far to celebrate legislation that requires Christian institutions to report to the government every instance of the application of their own discipline.


  4. Dan R, but it seems the institutions involved are happy with the compromise. As much of the background as I know, which is not a lot, it seems that all these institutions had students who receive state funding of various sorts. Take the King’s shiling….


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