Before You Put On Any More Sackcloth and Ashes

Consider that secular judges are not always out to get Christians (even though it’s a good narrative to whoop up hysteria):

A decisive legal victory in British Columbia has put an evangelical Christian university one step closer in its bid to secure recognition for its proposed law school.

The Appeal Court of B.C. released a decision in favour of Trinity Western University on Tuesday, describing efforts by B.C.’s law society to deny accreditation to the school’s future lawyers as “unreasonable.”

The legal dispute centres around the university’s community covenant that bans its students from having sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage.

In a unanimous decision, a panel of five judges said the negative impact on Trinity Western’s religious freedoms would be severe and far outweigh the minimal effect accreditation would have on gay and lesbian rights.

“A society that does not admit of and accommodate differences cannot be a free and democratic society — one in which its citizens are free to think, to disagree, to debate and to challenge the accepted view without fear of reprisal,” says the 66-page judgment.

Warning: stay on your meds. No reason to return to the mania of postmillennial optimism.


8 thoughts on “Before You Put On Any More Sackcloth and Ashes

  1. We let it slowly wind through the courts and eventually a decent answer occurs up here.

    There are only two dozen (roughly) law schools up here and the slim odds of a decent job (if one was not granted upon your birth) make it a non-issue for a school in this bracket of academic perception…


  2. “What is this “optimism” you speak of? I’m unfamiliar with the term.”

    It’s that happy feeling you get when the sea goes out and you rush to pick up all the fish luckily left on the shore.

    It’s that happy feeling a camper gets when he thinks that he can outrun a Kodiak bear.

    It’s that calm, joyous feeling a swimmer gets when she thinks that by staying absolutely still in the water she can avoid being eaten by a great white shark.

    Happy to help you, Bryan.


  3. Andrew, don’t forget your first night in prison where you think if you just keep to yourself and stay quiet they won’t know you are there.


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