Last Minute Election Advice

Since chances for Congress electing POTUS are non-existent (for now), Old Lifers may want to take this counsel to the polls tomorrow:

Here’s the most shocking illustration of the GOP’s Supreme Court problem: in the 19 years between Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Republicans lost only one presidential race. The Court that decided Casey in 1992 included two Bush I appointees (Clarence Thomas and David Souter) and four Reagan appointees (William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Kennedy), in addition to a Ford appointee (John Paul Stevens) and a Nixon appointee (Harry Blackmun). Only one justice had been appointed by a Democrat, and that was Byron White, who’d dissented from Roe and supported overturning it.

And yet the Court upheld a constitutional right to abortion, though Roe’s seven-vote consensus for such a right was whittled down to five and several restrictions were also upheld. Three of the justices who helped keep Roe alive were consistent liberals during their time on the Court despite having been appointed by Republicans.

6 thoughts on “Last Minute Election Advice

  1. Dr Hart this seems to not register with anyone I know. It’s culture war: Republicans good! 24/7 in my world.
    In fact I was enlightened by a relative today on why John MacArthur is finally back on the culture war front. (I didn’t know he left) They were very happy to hear that on Sunday for his sermon he laid out the platforms of both the candidates and then told his congregation who he is voting for. This could all be fabrication since she heard it on her Christian Talk Radio program….


  2. Aaargh!!!!! Be ‘mericans/pirates! Vote multiple times. Drain the swamp and refill it with hate, animosity, rivalry and just general bad feelings. May they forever be at the behest of our whims. Kennedy, Nixon, Dubya, Reagan the actor, Bush the country club republican, The Jazz president and Clinton I and II. Never place your trust in the likes of those sorts. Make em dance.


  3. Since Two Kingdoms libertarianism is not likely to find favor among the masses anytime soon the only way out of this low grade cultural civil war is to dismantle the odious tyranny of judicial supremacy. The cultural left sees Christians, Christianity, and Christendom as the impediment to the ever elusive Sexual Paradise where live is just one unending Swedish Sexcapade.

    The left knows that they won the abortion war decades ago. It’s old news. Same with gay marriage. Old news. They’re now in the persecuting phase and they’re going to have real fun thinking of ways to separate Christians from their money and livelihoods based upon “homophobic” beliefs and practices. All those cases involving Christian bakers, photographers, florists etc., are just the tiresome hors d’oeuvres before the main dish arrives.

    Happy times ahead. Happy times ahead.

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  4. Regarding the culture war, I think the UN should intervene and orchestrate a truce. I am for culture coexistence. Why would I ever want to conquer and rule over culture?


  5. This is for Robin, since she isn’t sure of MacArthur and I am in good old CA. It’s funny because there is almost 100% certainty that Clinton will win CA, so there is no reason for a minister (even for transformationalists) like that in CA to come out and basically endorse DT (Nate Silver’s model gives DT a less that 0.1% chance of winning CA). You can keep your dignity, even if you ultimately decide to vote for DT, and simply just keep quiet about it in my state; Clinton is getting every single electoral vote. Sure MacArthur said he is endorsing a worldview and not a person, but let’s keep it real. It’s his attempt at influencing the large number of people that listen to him, and it is an endorsement. He is the leading man at a church, a college, and a seminary that is on the same campus as his church. His influence is worldwide and deep. He has Bible’s with his name (MacArthur Study Bible, MacArthur Children’s Bible, etc.). People will listen to him. And though I don’t think it is related, he also has expressed a great love for Russian missions in the past and a desire of living there for that purpose; I mention it as well because DT has expressed a unique admiration for Russia and Putin.

    But MacArthur was saying something different earlier in the year; MacArthur even likened Trump to Mark Driscoll.

    Darryl, Don’t forget Chief Justice Roberts was part of the reason the Affordable Care Act was upheld. Time and time again I’ve heard conservatives now claim that Roberts is not a conservative judge, and boy were they all excited when he was appointed by G.W. Bush.


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