The Next Presbyterian Church?

Notice which denominations the Presbyterian Lay(man’s) Committee tries to connect:


ECO: A Covenanted Order of Evangelical Presbyterians
EPC: The Evangelical Presbyterian Church
PCA: The Presbyterian Church in America
PCUSA: The Presbyterian Church (USA)

Are the Seceders (Associate Reformed), Covenanters (Reformed Presbyterian), and Orthodox (OPC) chopped liver? The TKNY effect? The legacy of leisure suits?

8 thoughts on “The Next Presbyterian Church?

  1. I am convinced that many PCA movers and shakers look longingly towards those in the EPC and ECO. And — you know what? — if the PCA women’s study committee turns out the “right” way there won’t be dime’s worth of difference between the PCA, EPC, and ECO. How does Evangelical Covenant Presbyterian Church in America sound? COPE? PACO?


  2. Including the possibility of leaving NAPARC, I think what’s likely to happen in the PCA, and is happening now, as the progressives continue to gain control is they will render the confessional churches irrelevant, by planting progressive PCA churches within the serving area of other PCA churches not part of their networks. More passive-aggressive, aggressive-aggressive behavior. The progressives will go the way of their ideology, continue to consolidate power and flatten out any doctrinal particularity. Already, gospel-centered, incarnational, missional, broken, authentic and transformational is about as amorphous as you can get.


  3. As one born and raised in the CRC, I can tell you given where things are headed the story won’t end well for the PCA. It’s frustrating to watch history repeat itself.


  4. All those comments about the PCA may well be true. But the Lay Committee likely only reflects the range of the radar screens of “conservatives” (circa 1990) in the PCUSA. Most of them have scarcely heard of the ARP & the RPCNA. The OPC they connect vaguely with some unpleasantness back in the 1930’s & “we didn’t know they were still around.”


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